SOLVE Health Tech

We know that digital health technology does not currently reach low-income, diverse, and vulnerable populations due to usability issues, lack of content and language concordance, a misconception about the market opportunity to serve the needs of these populations, and unsuccessful transitions from pilot to real-world settings. 

SOLVE Health Tech (Surmounting Obstacles for Low-Income and Vulnerable Populations Everyday using Health Technology) is an initiative to enhance digital health for diverse populations. We provide expert feedback, usability testing, can design and perform pilot studies to inform implementation strategies, and advise on or perform larger scale randomized or non-randomized studies. We see this as an imperative order to ensure that diverse, low-income patients are not left behind in the digital health revolution. 

Our consultation, design and implementation services can be catered to align with the maturity of a digital health product.

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If you are developing a digital health product, facing challenges marketing to the Medicaid population, or in a position that you think could benefit from working with SOLVE, please email

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