Recent findings from the Sarkar Lab


protocol for a pilot study to improve adherence to active surveillance for prostate cancer

Dr. Benjamin Cedars led our team in the development of a protocol to assess the efficacy and feasibility of an electronic registry that aims to improve adherence to active surveillance guidelines for men with low-risk prostate cancer.


team presents novel framework for describing investigations of collective intelligence

In a study led by Kate Radcliffe, our lab conducted the first systematic scoping review characterizing collective intelligence in medical decision-making. In addition, we developed a framework for describing how these diverse studies and future investigations conceptualize collective intelligence and medical decision-making.


Guideline-Recommended follow-up of pulmonary nodules is lacking in a safety-net cohort

Dr. Sarkar’s mentee, Dr. Jonathan Lee, led a retrospective cohort study of 551 patients with incidentally-discovered pulmonary nodules, in an urban, integrated safety-net health network. The study, recently published in Diagnosis, found that despite recommendations for surveillance, most patients did not receive complete follow-up. However, surveillance gaps were not associated with increased mortality.

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